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What Unreal things can be created with just water, barley, hops, and yeast.


Unreal Stout is dark. The kind of dark at the bottom of a well where you discover black gold. It starts with a creamy and lacy head that gives off a light espresso nose. Your first taste reveals the Columbus hop backbone adding subtle pepper and spice notes to the roasted barley. A velvety smooth center follows with the finish of silky dark chocolate that melts the pallet. 


Unreal IPA is about balance. A dark golden hue, unfiltered, with a smooth malty taste and a hoppy finish. With 14 pounds of hops per batch and an 8% ABV, you know you are drinking a big beer, yet from beginning to end this IPA is balanced. English, biscuit, and red specialty malts create a backbone of color and mouthfeel that are complimented by Amarillo, Citra and Simcoe hops. Notes of citrus and slight tropical fruit remain throughout with a good clean bite at the finish to round out your experience.


Unreal Bavarian style Hefeweizen is banana dominant on first experience. This turns into a complex set of flavors, scents, and mouthfeel when you take your first sip. Creamy and smooth, there are the expected flavors of wheat bread, banana, hints of clove, and even a little bit of bubblegum. The finish leaves you wanting more as the high carbonation and unfiltered nature of this yeast beast is wonderfully refreshing. The Summer in your mind lasts as long as you have a Hefe like this to drink. Prost!

Dry Hopped Red

Red. Like a smoldering California sunset. Dry, crisp, and balanced, Unreal Dry Hopped Red has a sultry copper color and bright carbonation level. The dark crystal and CaraRed malts give color, texture, and a soft caramel taste that stays clean all the way through. With a creamy mouthfeel and even bitterness, this Red is refreshing and satisfying. A blend of Columbus, Amarillo, Simcoe, and Liberty hops provide hints of citrus and pine in the body and the dry hopping of Amarillo gives this beer a light citrus nose.


A midnight ruby color and chocolatey nose are the first things that greet your senses in Unreal's Summer Porter. Creamy, smooth, and silky, this Porter is light and flavorful with a crisp finish from Columbus hops. With each taste you are left with a light chocolate and coffee finish that reminds you of an Iced Mochaccino. Clean, cool, and refreshing on the hottest Summer day!

Hazy IPA

East coast, meet West coast. Dusky and sultry in color, Mango, Guava and Passionfruit aromas. Smooth and silky with crushed Gooseberry and black currant on the pallet. West coast finish of resiny pine. Brewer's Gold, Idaho 7, Pacific Gem, and Nelson Sauvin hops.




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